Senator Moon has filed a Senate Committee Substitute (SCS) for SB 699. This is an abolition bill. The difference is that it will not repeal the current pro-life laws of the books. However, if passed, it does supersede them and make them obsolete and of no effect. Some “pro-life” proponents have previously opposed abolition bills because they repeal the current legislation. The argument is that if these laws are repealed and then an abolition bill is struck down in the courts, then all the the “pro-life” legislation is gone and there are no restrictions on abortion at all. This nullifies that argument. We now want to move forward the SCS for SB 699.  

Action Items: 1) On Monday, please begin calling Senator White’s office and ask they assign the SCS for SB 699 a hearing date on February 9, the day of the rally. Senator White’s number is (573) 751-2173.  

2) We support SJR 48 to provide equal protection to unborn children. It needs to be assigned to a committee. Ideally, we would like to see SJR 48 assigned to the Health and Pensions Committee. On Monday, please appeal to the Senate leadership and ask them to assign SJR 48 to the Health and Pensions Committee. Contact information is below.  

President Pro Tem Senator Dave Schatz (573) 751-3678
Majority Floor Leader Caleb Rowden (573) 751-3931  

3) Please continue to promote the February 9 rally at the State Capitol. Get the word out to everyone you can.  

4) Pray for our Senators that they will feel the conviction to uphold their Biblical duty and end abortion in Missouri.  


Mike Moon has filed a resolution to provide equal protection under the law to unborn children. SJR 48 bridges the gap to protect children who have not yet made the journey through the birth canal. Under Missouri law, it is illegal to kill or harm an unborn child… except of course if you are a licensed physician, you are using “approved” methods, and other arbitrary criteria are met. This inconsistent and inequitable approach to law in Missouri is unjust and unsustainable. We must stop showing partiality. We must apply equal protection under the law to all people ESPECIALLY the most vulnerable.

This is a Senate Joint Resolution (SJR). It is not a bill. This resolution will have to proceed through the legislative process like a bill. If passed, it will put the issue of abortion abolition to a vote of the people in the November election. If it passes by a vote of the people, it will amend the Missouri Constitution to make abortion illegal. So, this resolution, if passed, will let the people decide the issue of abortion in this state.

You want to contact legislators and encourage them to support SB 699, but you’re not sure the best way to do that.

Should you call them? Or would an email be better? What about snail mail? Isn’t that obsolete? Do you have to be in their district? Do you have to be an adult? Do you have to be registered to vote?

Actually, the purpose is not simply to convince your legislator to vote one way or the other, it is to:

  1. Bring this bill to the attention of the legislator
  2. Let the legislator know people are watching them
  3. Let the legislator know that people want to support them for doing the right thing
  4. Let the legislator know the this is the right thing
  5. Let the legislator know that you expect them to do the right thing
  6. Let the legislator know that you are dedicated and will persist in this matter
  7. Let the legislator know that there are a lot of people, young and old all over the state who will vote for legislators that are doing the right thing and vote out those who are not

With all these things in mind, it becomes clear… you should call, email and snail mail! Not just once, but throughout the legislative session. January through May. Set an alarm to make a contact every week. Not just you, but every member of your household that can. This is not just for registered voters! Even a five year old can make a postcard*, though they might need your help to address it. If every person on this email list did this, our legislators would be flooded!!!