Adam and Ayla Cottrell are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand, sent out of Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri.  They have a one year son named Jaxton. The Cottrell’s arrived in Thailand in December 2019, and pray to be used of God to see many Thai souls saved, decipled, and men trained up to start churches all around the city. 

They are currently serving at Bangjak Baptist Church with veteran missionaries Ricky and Tammy Salmon while they learn the language, and the ministry. 

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Ministry Update

“I’ve needed this for so long”, she said through happy tears. Our new friend “June” is a Thai English speaker who we met a few weeks ago. She’s started coming to my English Class on Saturday and now attends our discipleship group every week. June became a Christian a few years ago but has never been discipled or been able to fellowship with Christians. As we sat in the living room she shared with Ayla about getting saved and needing Christians to grow with. We had prayed together as a group before everyone went home. June was blown away by genuine fellowship around God’s Word and the prayer of other believers for each other. She asked for others to pray she would grow in understanding God’s Word. Please pray June will continue to grow in her relationship with Jesus.
We recently started a new English Club for teenagers only. The “NEXTGEN” English Club meets on Sunday Afternoons and we’re off to a good start. This last week we were able to go to a local school and speak to classes about attending English Club. This club is an extension of our English Classes we already have on a weekly basis. We currently have around 15 students coming to those classes every week as well. Please pray for one of our students, Poon, who has shown a lot of interest in becoming a Christian.
In our last prayer letter we asked you to pray for our neighbors who had promised to come to church. God answered those prayers a few weeks as we sat in church together and they heard the gospel. Please pray for Panpote and Si (pron. Sea) that they would continue to attend and have conversations about the gospel.
Merry Christmas

Last week we spent a day off attempting to finish our Christmas shopping at Mega Mall (one of the biggest malls in Bangkok). After a few hours of hearing cheesy Christmas songs a new song came on. It wasn’t a Christmas Carol or a regular Christmas time song. It was a English song about praising Jesus’ name. I stood with thousands of people as praise to Jesus went to every ear. No one noticed. We long for the day when the Thai people will sing praise to Jesus name.
May the God of peace, joy, and hope fill your hearts and minds this season. Merry Christmas!