Adam and Ayla Cottrell are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand, sent out of Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri.  They have a one year son named Jaxton. The Cottrell’s arrived in Thailand in December 2019, and pray to be used of God to see many Thai souls saved, decipled, and men trained up to start churches all around the city.

They are currently serving at Bangjak Baptist Church with veteran missionaries Ricky and Tammy Salmon while they learn the language, and the ministry. 

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Ministry Update

Greetings from Bangkok! We’re so excited to update you on several ministry opportunities. In March, our team hosted a Medical Missions Outreach to connect people with a local Baptist Church in Surin. The Medical Team provided care to almost 1500 people. Every patient had a one-on-one gospel presentation. Three people received Christ and around 400 filled out follow up cards. Pastor Sadudee and Surin Baptist Church will have lots of work following up with everyone. Please pray for them and the ministry opportunities they have as a result of this event. 
In April, Adam was asked to preach for Bangjak’s annual Soccer Camp. For 4 days we spent time with kids, taught soccer techniques, and had a nightly service. For many reasons, it’s difficult for teenage boys here to consider becoming a Christian. At one point, when sharing that truth isn’t convenient but we still have to act upon it, I asked if it’s convenient to leave Buddhism. 20 teenagers, in unison, shouted “NO!”  4 teens asked for follow up conversations. Please pray for these teens. The pressure they face is tremendous.
BenTai is finishing another term of Kids English Classes. Ayla works hard with this group and amazing progress is being made. It’s fun to see kids and parents joining in each Sunday toe learn English and about God. Two families from this outreach have become regulars at church. Last week, parents from each family stayed for Bible Study after service and asked questions. One lady, Gung, has many questions about God and scheduled a time to meet with Shane and Kayti.
Recently, we began a High School ministry for teens. We have 7 students coming regularly and 19 others that have either come once or have registered to attend. One huge blessing of this ministry is the volunteers we are training in Youth Ministry. They are doing a fantastic job! We pray that soon we can turn over this ministry to the team and then repeat the process with a Middle School Ministry. 
Thank you for your prayers and support that make it possible for us to be here. Many days the work feels slow. But we know that God is laying a foundation here for a great future of ministry in Thailand. Your effort is not in vain in the Lord. God bless you!