Adam and Ayla Cottrell are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand, sent out of Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri.  They have a one year son named Jaxton. The Cottrell’s arrived in Thailand in December 2019, and pray to be used of God to see many Thai souls saved, decipled, and men trained up to start churches all around the city. 

They are currently serving at Bangjak Baptist Church with veteran missionaries Ricky and Tammy Salmon while they learn the language, and the ministry. 

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Ministry Update

Throughout March and April this year we were enjoying a good rhythm of ministry. Language Outreach and the Soccer outreach were seeing good results of people attending. We had several new students coming each week and hearing the gospel. One young man, Poon, had great questions about salvation that multiple leaders have been able to discuss with him. I’ve since set up weekly one-on-one meetings with Poon and am witnessing to him on a regular basis. Please pray for his salvation.
We want to thank you for praying for the youth classes here at Bangjak. It’s always exciting to see young people in discipleship. We’ve had a number of kids attend that have heard the gospel but still have questions/reservations. One young man, Bank, sat in our living room in March and asked questions about the difference between Buddha, Allah, and Jesus. He is very serious about searching for truth instead of religion. Please continue praying for our young people.
Our Thai language school has continued to give us good opportunities to tell others about Jesus. Last month during a class on Thai culture we were discussing how Buddhism is interwoven into the fabric of Thai society. Our teacher explained the core beliefs of Buddhism and then shocked a lot of people in our class by saying, “Most of the younger people view Buddhism as our parents’ beliefs. They’ve been taught what they do will send them to hell and then they’ll be reincarnated into a lower being…but they act like a good Buddhist around their parents. They don’t really have religion.” She knew I am a Christian so she asked me, “Adam, why do Christians believe someone goes to Hell?” For the next few minutes I got to explain (in my elementary level Thai) what the Bible teaches about sin, death, and needing a Savior. Then she asked, “How does someone go to Heaven?” After my explanation she even helped me sum it all up for the class. “All people sin, sinners go to Hell, they can’t be good enough to go to Heaven, so they have to ask Jesus to forgive them and get His help and then you’ll go to Heaven, right?” I agreed and then she ended class for the day. We know God’s Word will not return void. Please keep praying for our classmates’ hearts that the Lord is working on.
As of the end of April we are back on major restrictions here in Bangkok due to a big outbreak of Covid-19. The church has had to move back to online services only. The language center and sports outreach have been temporarily shut down again. None of this can slow our Lord down! We’re excited for all He is doing as we continue to adjust/pivot/restructure and recalibrate ministry efforts. We continue to pray for all of you. Thank you for being our co-laborers in service to the Lord!