CrossBridge Library

AuthorTitle# of copies
Alexander, David & Alexander, PatEerdman's Handbook to the Bible1
Anderson, Donald K. & Gower, David M. The Biblical Distinctives of Baptists1
Anderson, LeithJesus1
Anderson, Neil T. Who I Am in Christ1
Bailey, Albert EdwardThe Gospel in Hymns1
Bailey, BoydThrough the Proverbs1
Barnes, DonnieThe Voice of Truth International1
Batchelor, DougAt Jesus Feet1
Baughman, RayBible History Visualized1
Beal, TimothyBiblical Literacy 1
Begg, AllistairPathway to Freedom1
Bennet, ArthurThe Valley of Vision1
Borgman, PaulThe Way According to Luke1
Boring, M. EugeneInterpretation: Revelation1
Boyd, James P.Bible Dictionary & Atlas2
Brandt, Henry & Skinner, Kerry L.The Word for the Wise1
Brandy, Henry & Skinner, Kerry L.Marriage God's Way1
Bridges, JerryThe Pursuit of Holiness1
Bridges, JerryThe Practice of Godliness1
Briscoe, Stuart & JillLife, Liberty and the Pursuit of Holiness1
Buksbazen, LydiaThey Looked for a City1
Butler, AlbanLives of the Saints1
Butt, KyleOut With Doubt1
Cadman, Jas. P.Christ in the Gospels1
Capps, CharlesThe Tongue A Creative Force1
Carder, David M.Promises from Proverbs1
Carrier, Steven G.Verbal Bean Prayer1
Carson, D. A. Praying with Paul1
Castleman, RobbiePeter1
Chambers, J. OswaldSpiritual Leadership1
Chambers, OswaldMy Utmost for His Highest1
Chan, FrancisCrazy Love1
Clairmont, PatsyBulding Your Strengths1
Coleman, Robert E. The Master Plan of Evangelism1
Collective AuthorsBible Reading for the Home1
Collective AuthorsBible Readings2
Collective AuthorsOne-Minute Prayers for Men1
Collective AuthorsDaily Strength for Daily Needs1
Collective AuthorsTouch Points for Graduates1
Collective AuthorsWhat The Bible Sasy to the Minister1
Collective AuthorsPerfect Illustrations1
Collective AuthorsGod's Little Devotional Book for Leaders1
Colōn, JeffFrom Ashes to Beauty1
Colson, CharlesThe Good Life1
Colvin, Elaine Wright & Creasman, ElaineTreasury of God's Virtues1
Comfort, RayGod Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life1
Condra, Preston & KellyBearing Fruit and Living Barren4
Condra, Preston & KellyI Have Some Good News2
Condra, Preston & KellyBy Which We are Saved2
Countryman, JackGod's Wisdom for You Marriage1
Craughwell, Thomas J. Bad Kids of the Bible1
Crews, JoeThe Brook Dried Up1
Dever, MarkDiscipling1
DiMarco, HayleyDevotions for the God Girl1
Doney, Meryl & Malcom & Kent, DavidBible Stories for Children1
Duvall, J. Scott & Hays, J. DanielGrapsing God's Word1
Eschleman, PaulI Just Saw Jesus1
Evan, Tony Life Essentials1
Ferguson, SinclairThe Grace of Repentance1
Fields, Doug & Eastman, BrettSurrendering to Jesus1
Finlayson, LindaGod's Timeline1
Frizzell, Gregory ReedRetrun to me Says the Lord1
Fromke, DeVernLife's Ultimate Privilege1
Gallagher, SteveIntoxicated with Babylon1
George, ElizabethA Woman After God's Own Heart1
Goldman, Rabbi Alex J. Power of the Bible1
Graham, BillyAngels1
Grant, David & BethBeyond the Soiled Curtain1
Gromacki, RobertCalled to be Saints1
Guthrie, GeorgeReader's Guide to the Bible1
Hailey, Henry H. Hailey's Bible Handbook1
Halley, Henry H. Halley's Bible Handbook1
Hannegraff, HankChristianity in Crisis1
Hannegraff, HankCounterfeit Revival1
Hannegraff, HankThe Complete Bible Answer Book1
Harmon, DanMen of the Bible1
Helm, David R.Expositional Preaching1
Hendricks, Howard G. Hendricks, William D. Living by the Book1
Herndon, BootonHero of Hacksaw Ridge1
Hood, KreggRich Toward God1
Horne, Charles M. Salvation1
Hudson, Christopher D. & Smith, Carol & Weidemann, ValerieBible Clues for the Clueless1
Hughey, RhondaDesperate for his Presence1
Humphreys, Kent & DavideneShow and then Tell1
Hunt, JuneAlcohol and Drug Abuse1
Hunt, JuneTrials3
Hunt, JuneConsidering Marriage2
Hunt, JuneCounseling Through your Bible Handbook1
Huntington, James & Elliot, LawrenceOn the Edge of Nowhere1
Innes, DickI Hate Witnessing1
Jackson, Jerald H.Why Do Good People Suffer?1
Jamieson, BobbySound Donctrine1
Jeremiah, DavidSpiritual Warfare1
Jeremiah, DavidIs this the End?1
Johnson, AndyMissions1
Johnson, Jean DyeGod at the Controls1
Jones, Timothy PaulChristian History Made Easy1
Keaton, JeffThe Life of Radical Faith1
Kelly, TimothyThe Reason for God1
Kendrick, Stephen & AlexThe Love Dare1
Kennedy, JonJesus His Eternal Legacy1
Kennedy, NancyHelp! I'm Being Intimidated by the Proverbs 31 Woman!1
Köstenberger, Andreas & Kellum, L. Scott & Quarles, Charles L.The Lion and the Lamb1
Lahaye, TimThe Merciful God of Prophecy1
Lang, J. Stephen1001 Things you Always Wanted to Know About the Bible but Never Thought to Ask1
Larkin, ClarenceThe Book of Revelation1
Laurin, Roy L.First Corinthians1
Lawson, Steven J.Made in Our Image1
Lee, Jaerock Understanding the Message of the Cross of Jesus Christ1
Levy, David M.The Tabernacle1
Life Change SeriesDeuteronomy1
Life Change Series1 Peter1
Life Change Series2 Timothy1
Life Change Series1 Timothy1
Life Change SeriesTitus1
Lloyd-Jones, MartynThe Cross1
Lockyer, HerbertAll the Parables of the Bible1
Lockyer, HerbertAll the Miracles of the Bible2
Lovett, C. S. Jesus is Coming Get Ready Christian1
Lucado, MaxWhen Christ Comes1
Lucado, MaxHe Chose the Nails1
Lucado, MaxGod Came Near1
Lucado, MaxThe Final Week of Jesus1
Lucado, Max & Frazee, RandyThe Story2
Lutzer, Erwin W.The Truth about Same-Sex Marriage1
Lyman, JesseHurlbut's Story of the Bible1
MacAruthur, JohnWhy Believe the Bible1
MacAruthur, JohnHigh King of Heaven1
MacAruthur, JohnThe Gospel According to Jesus1
MacAruthur, JohnGood News1
MacAruthur, JohnThe Fulfilled Family1
Mahaney, C. J.Living the Cross Centered Life1
Mason, EricManhood Restored2
McAdams, WesThe Treasure Chest of Grace1
McClellan, AlbertThe Faith we Hold1
McDill, WayneThe 12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching1
Mitchell, Claudia & Goad, KimOne Girl Can Change the World1
Morgan, Robert J.The Angel Answer Book1
Neighbour, R. E.Wells of Living Water1
Noebel, David A.Understanding the Times1
Onwuchekwa, JohnPrayer1
Ortlund, RayThe Gospel1
Packer, J. I. Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God1
Pendleton, J. M. Notes of Sermons1
Pentecost, J. DwightDesigned to be Like Him1
Pink, Arthur W. Repentance1
Pink, Arthur W. Exposition of the Gospel of John1
Piper, JohnThe Pleasures of God1
Piper, JohnDon't Waste Your Life2
Platt, DavidRadical1
Pollock, John Billy Graham1
Price, EugeniaThe Burden is Light1
Purnell, DickGrowing Closer to God1
Pusey, E. B. Pusey's Minor Prophets1
Rainier, Thom S. I Am a Church Member8
Rainier, Thom S. & Geiger, EricSimple Church1
Ramsey, DaveThe Total Money Makeover3
Ranier, Thom S. Who Moved My Pulpit1
Ranier, Thom S. & Ranier, ArtThe Simple Life1
Reader's DigestThe Story of Jesus1
Reader's DigestGreat People of the Bible and How They Lived1
Resener, Carl R. Crisis in the Streets 1
Rhodes, RonAnswering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics & Skeptics1
Rhondes, RonAngels Among Us1
Ringenberg, Loyal R. The Word of God in History1
Rinne, JeamieChurch Elders1
Roark, Nick & Cline, RobertBiblical Theology1
Roberson, CarrollThe Christ1
Roever, DaveScarred1
RogetRoget's Pocket Thesaurus1
Sanders, J. OswaldA Sufficient Grace1
Schlessinger, LauraThe Ten Commandmetns1
Schramm, At Jesus' Feet1
Schutlz, Samuel J. The Old Testament Speaks1
Sibbes, RichardThe Bruised Reed1
Sills, M. DavidThe Missionary Call1
Sjogren, BobUnveiled at Last1
Skinner, Kerry L. The Joy of Repentance1
Smalley, Gary & Greg & MichaelMen's Relational Toolbox1
Smith, JenniferWife After God1
Sproul, R. C. Faith Alone1
Sproul, R. C. The Work of Christ1
Sproul, R. C. What is Reformed Theology1
Sproul, R. C. Pleasing God1
Sproul, R. C. Not a Chance1
Sproul, R. C. Knowing Scripture1
Sproul, R. C. Abortion1
Sproul, R. C. The Holiness of God1
Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to my Students1
Spurgeon, C. H. Sermons by C. H. Spurgeon1
Stiles, J. MackEvangelism1
Stroble, LeeThe Case for Christ1
Strombeck, J. F. So Great Salvation1
Strong, JamesNew Strong's Concise Concordance of the Bible1
Sumner, Robert L.Sumner's Incidents and Illustrations1
Sutton, HiltonRevelation1
Swindoll, Charles R. Esther1
Swindoll, Charles R. Three Steps Forward Two Steps Back1
Swindoll, Charles R. Job1
Taylor, Charles L.Changed Lives1
Tenney, Merrill C. The Pictoral Bible Dictionary1
Terkeurst, LysaCapture Her Heart1
Terkeurst, LysaCapture His Heart1
Torrey, R. A. How to Witness to Anyone1
Torrey, R. A. What the Bible Teaches2
Torrey, R. A. Studies in the Life and Teachings of our Lord1
UnknownMaclaren's Expositions of Holy Scripture1
Vallowe, Mrs. EdBiblical Matematics1
Vaughn, Gabriel H. Shining Your Armour1
Voice of the MartyrsHearts of Fire1
Walk Thru the BibleStand Firm 1
Walker, Rollin H. Men Unafraid1
Wampler, DeeThe Trial of Christ1
Watson, ThomasThe Lord's Supper1
Weaver, JoannaHaving a Mary Heart in a Martha World1
Webster, NoahWebster's II New Riverside University Dictionary1
Welch, Edward T.Side by Side1
Wesley, JohnThe Holy Spirit & Power1
Weymouth, Richard FrancisThe New Testament in Modern Speech1
Whalin, W. Terry Chuck Colson1
Whiston, WilliamJosephus1
White, James R. Scripture Alone1
White, James R. What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an1
White, James R. The Potter's Freedom1
White, James R. The King James Only Controversy1
White, James R. The God Who Justifies1
White, James R. Letters to a Mormon Elder1
White, James R. The Forgotten Trinity1
White, James R. Pulpit Crimes1
White, James R. Is the Mormon my Brother1
White, James R. From Toronto to Emmaus1
White, James R. & Niell, Jeffery D. The Same Sex Controversy1
Whitney, Dondald S.Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life1
Wildom, DonaldFollowing the Carpenter1
Wilks, John G. F.Evangelical Quarterly4
Willis, Dustin & Coe AaronLife on Mission2
Willmington, H. L. The Complete Book of Bible Lists1
Woods, Andrew M.The Coming Kingdom1
Wurmbrand, RichardTortured for Christ1
Yohanna, K. P. Revolution in World Missions1
Youngblood, Ronald F. & Bruce, F.F. & Harrison, R. K. Nelson's Student Bible Dictionary1